Felt Snowflake Bunting

Felt colours for Flags

Letter Styles

Bunting Information

  • 12 cm high, 14 cm wide 
  • £2.50 per lettered/appliqued flag
  • Felt only
  • Single sided

Suitable letters for this bunting size

  • Classic Style

The photographs on the left show the felt and letter options for this bunting.  Grab a cup of tea, have a look through and once you have made a note of the felt colours you would like please enter the details into the form below.

All the other information you need for ordering can be found in the ‘Information/Help with Ordering’ tab under the photographs.

Safety Notice:  Please note that bunting is for decorative purposes only and is not a toy.  It is therefore not suitable for babies, children, adults or animals to play with and should be kept out of reach at all times.

Order Form

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Information/Help with Ordering

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