Cottage Chic 5 cm Numbers Info

Cottage Chic 5 cm Iron-on Numbers & Letters

These numbers were the very first set that I bought when I started craisymissdaisy.  I still love working with this shape and the numbers are great for wedding dates and birthdays. 

General Information

These letters and numbers can be made in either fabric or felt and are also available in 10 cm.  Punctuation, hearts, stars, flowers and other shapes are available in this size.
*Numbers are priced per digit, please see full information at the bottom of the page.

Available Options

Number Pricing

If the number or numbers you require have more than one digit in ie. 10, then each digit of the number must be included as a seperate digit:-

  • For the number 1 you would need to order ONE digit

  • For the number 10 you would need to order TWO digits

  • For the number 150, you would need to order THREE digits

  • For the number 2017 you would need to order FOUR digits

  • For dates, ie. 16.07.2017 you would need to order EIGHT digits

Dots or dashes for dates are supplied free of charge when part of an order.

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